deezer spotify vs Grooveshark vs Wimp vs Rdio

The best music services out there, here is the comparison between them.


Deezer spotify vs Grooveshark vs Wimp vs Rdio


Deezer Grooveshark Rdio Spotify Wimp
Price £9.99 £9.99 £9.99 £9.99 £9.99
Songs 25 Millions + 15 Millions + 20 Millions + 20 Millions + 20 Millions +
Android Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Linux app No Yes (not official) No Yes Yes (using adobe air)
Offline Play Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Upload Music Yes Yes No Yes No




There might be some legal issues with their service, as google play, apple store and facebook has removed their app from their market.

Also they use java to upload own music to your library from their site. That forces you to have java installed. it looks like Win98 to upload music.

Works in most countries though.

uplad grooveshark



Deezer app is available in google play and app store. Got a great way to recommend music for you, even in genres. Probably best quality for all services for music. If you google, you will find out that is alot better than Spotify. Works in almost every devices out there, even in Smart TV.

Only service that offer 320kbps for most of the songs.

Deezer in Linux



Most used service in those countries that has spotify available. Has app for all common devices out there. Has a few songs for many rare groups. Deezer has a few less, but instead has more songs for the artists. Has a native Linux application. If you don’t care so much about the quality of the songs, you would use Spotify. It also have 320kbps, but it looks like it have alot less songs that uses that Bitrate than Deezer.

Deezer Spotify

Deezer Spotify


I love reggae and Rdio doesn’t offer much rare reggae groups though. Hard to find songs from specific groups that aren’t so famous yet. Many Swedish groups has 1-3 songs available in Rdio, but in Spotify or Deezer there is usually 2-3 albums of same artist.

Not sure why you should use Rdio instead of other music service.



Only available in a handful of countries. Using adobe air to make the application to work in Linux. and adobe air is abandoned. Bad buffering of the songs you are listening online. Just a tunnel will cut off the music for few seconds before it starts again. You don’t have this issue in Deezer or Spotify.





If you want high quality and doesn’t care so much what everyone else is using, then you should use Deezer. Spotify is still most popoular service, but lower quality of the songs though. I’m not sure when I would recommend Grooveshark, Rdio or Wimp before the other two.

Both Deezer Spotify have a limit to install on 3 devices at the same time for using it in offline mode. Both services has a very active Android app that updates often. Costs the same amount of money.

My daughter that is 12 years old, thinks it’s easier to navigate on Deezer and find music.

If I would recommend one service, I would use Deezer. Just because of better quality of the sound.


Deezer on Samsung TV


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  • Uumode

    Thanks for the comparisons. I’m a Spotify user, sound is important to me, and I feel it is lacking slightly. So if there is something better I would switch. So I tried Rdio, but the sound is more compressed lacking clarity on both mobile and desktop.

    Deezer sounded promising with mobile on iphone 5S on board DAC with Sony XBA 3 earphones – seems to have more treble, detail and resolution, and sounded very promising. (Spotify was set to ‘extreme’ best quality)

    But when played through the desktop on a MacBook Pro coupled with an Audioengine D1 DAC, going through either Philips X1 headphones or Audioengine A5 speakers, Spotify wins. To my ears it sounds more natural and realistic, better definition all round particularly mid range and bass. Deezer sounds artificial and treble is unrefined.
    If aimed up in one word, Spotify is ‘musical’, Deezer is ‘clinical’.

  • Carl-Erik Kopseng

    Wimp is AFAIK the only one providing their songs in LOSSLESS format as well (Wimp HIFI). If sound matters to you, then you know what to choose. The editorial content is also really good.

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