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Beginner guides

Got any suggestions or missing something in beginner guides, please Contact us so we can help out.

Developer guides

You don't have to know a programming language! We have setup some tutorial for getting started to make new packages for Foresight Linux.

Program.png Programs
Information about programs.
Foresight.png Foresight
Everything that doesn't fit in other categories.
Howto.png HowTo's
Guides for rainy days.
Multimedia.png Multimedia
About multimedia, video and music.
Rpath.png Conary
Information about Conary, Foresight package manager.
Hardvara.png Hardware
Everything about hardware, like printers & graphic cards.
Spel.png Games
Games with using wine or native games.
Ovrigt.png Recipes
Everything that's involves with recipes (packaging).
Lankar.png Links
Links to various sites.


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