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Previous newsletter was mostly to get out information about new ISO and System-model. This issue will have more information what happened in Foresight and around the community.

We usually get alot of criticism about lack of news in newsletter, but remember that we are a small community. Many users usually forget about that and criticize instead of cheering for getting some news from Foresight Linux.

Still many users don't know that Foresight Linux exist, to get some information about Foresight, look at: Introduction to Foresight Linux

We will look into Conary and Jesseś online search package site. Also how fast you can update a package locally and install it with conary.


Jesseś online package search

Jesse made a online search site. similar to and You can try it out temporary here: Remember that the page is still early in beta stage. So it will improve within time. Also the address is also temporary, will get a permanent address soon.

GUI for install/remove applications

Still many users don't know that we got a working GUI for packages in Foresight Linux. To install packagekit:

Terminal.png sudo conary update PackageKit gnome-packagekit


Still using Gnome2

We still have Gnome2 as default environment in Gnome edition of Foresight Linux. We will move to something else in future, but no date has been set yet.

Many users started to use Foresight Linux because they still want Gnome2 and still be able to run new/fresh applications.



Conary is the software manager for Foresight Linux.

With dependencies defined at the file level, Conary's built-in dependency resolution brings in only the components needed from other packages instead of entire packages. Conary users can install and maintain software as well as to roll a Conary-based system back to a previous state before one or more updates.

Conary has several common command-line arguments, all of which modify configuration entries and are documented with other configuration entries. The rest of its command-line arguments are specific to which conary command you are running, and are documented with the commands. The Conary version control program, cvc, handles build and source management.

There are essentially three modes of system management with Conary. In the migrate mode, the entire contents of a system are defined by a sin‐ gle group, and the conary migrate command is used to move from one system definition to a new system definition. In the updateall mode, the choice of what to update is based on the current contents of the conary database. In the system model mode, the choice of what to update, and what is installed on the system, is based on a text file called /etc/conary/system-model, which is modified by conary commands, but can also be modified by an administrator.

It works by creating a set of troves that define the system, and then moving the system to that definition. It is conceptually similar to building a group into a repository and then migrating to that group.

A system model that installs only a single group will function similar to migrate mode. The most obvious difference is that migrate mode honors variations in byDefault settings in the system database (that is, an optional component of the trove(s) migrated to that has been installed on the system will still be installed after the migrate operation finishes), whereas a system model update honors those changes only if they are represented in the model itself.

Also see: Conary manual

Tutorial for making packages in Foresight

To get started, here is a few pages to start with:

In near future

As ususal, updates of several packages arrives daily. Get Foresight Linux game site announced.

Updated Packages

Picked out a few random packages that been updated during January month.

Chromium 16.0.912.75
Kernel 3.1.7
Lftp 4.3.4
Liferea 1.9.0
Orage 4.8.3
Scribus 1.4.0
Xbmc 11.0 Beta1
+ alot more, this versions are available in @fl:2-devel label.


Who uses conary as backend software manager?

Openfiler is an Open Source Network Attached Storage and Storage Area Network Solution.

rPath's mission is to provide system software that is easily tailored to suit unique application needs. rPath Linux, built with the Conary distributed software management system.

Foresight Linux is a desktop operating system, based on rPath Linux

Latest ISO

Foresight GNOME

Foresight Linux GNOME Edition 2.5.2 x86:
Size: 2.71 GB
SHA1: 76ac5bcca7b9d7c7f1a2605747097bc581f154e4

Foresight Linux GNOME Edition 2.5.2 x86_64:
Size: 2.23 GB
SHA1: ae5606dac3622d1c58d9b0f033b31d6facc8a195

Foresight XFCE

Foresight Linux Xfce Edition 2.5.2 x86:
Size: 1.242 GB
SHA1: df018a5dcfbe31d188964cce055a6bd706b5f490

Foresight Linux Xfce Edition 2.5.2 x86_64:
Size: 1.46 GB
SHA1: ef568076bc5693f7b33ecc0379ab5ac381c54bce

For Developers GNOME (Devel Label)

Foresight Linux GNOME Edition 2.5.2 x86:
Size: 2.53 GB
SHA1: 2ba6f4ee1a19b84329788feabc634c556105c874

Foresight Linux GNOME Edition 2.5.2 x86_64:
Size: 2.23 GB
SHA1: ae5606dac3622d1c58d9b0f033b31d6facc8a195

For Developers XFCE (Devel Label)

Foresight Linux XFCE Edition 2.5.2 x86:
Size: 1.69 GB
SHA1: 4c17f61eb8e5ce09e9a916d0a6a2a1c3c8ce876e

Foresight Linux XFCE Edition 2.5.2 x86_64:
Size: 1.92 GB
SHA1: 7641af2c7fced78649a9fab853ac1a34866d4848

Council Meetings

Last meeting: Concil meeting agenda 20-04-2011

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