If you setup a computer in a specific way and want to get same packages and environment in another computer, just copy everything from /etc/conary/system-model and paste it in same file in another computer.

So let's start doing it:

Terminal.png sudo gedit /etc/conary/system-model

Copy everything and paste it in another computer in same file. Change gedit to medit or the text editor you are using.

When it's done, just run sync.

Terminal.png sudo conary sync

Note.png Note: Need to edit system-model if cloning 32bit to 64bit, or the other way around
As 32bit only has 1 search group-world and 64bit has 2 search group-world in system-model

64bit has:

search 'group-world=foresight.rpath.org@fl:2-devel/2.5.2+2012.07.20-0.3-1[is: x86]'
search 'group-world=foresight.rpath.org@fl:2-devel/2.5.2+2012.07.20-0.3-1[is: x86(i486,i586,i686,sse,sse2) x86_64]'

32bit has:

search 'group-world=foresight.rpath.org@fl:2-devel/2.5.2+2012.07.20-0.3-1[is: x86(i486,i586,i686,sse,sse2)]'

This will install all packages and the same version of Foresight into that computer. Even will get same version from repo. So no package will be difference from the two computers.
This is a good way to first setup first computer, erase/install packages and the other computer gets the same setup. Cen't get any easier.

Also if you someday will erase Foresight or change computer, save the system-model file and it will be very easy for you to get back to the same setup before you changed computer.