Minetest with sound – Now in Foresight Linux

One of the first InfiniMiner/Minecraft(/whatever) inspired games (started October 2010), with a goal of taking the survival multiplayer gameplay to a slightly different direction.

The game does not really differ from Minecraft except for having a lot less features. Still, playing is quite fun already, especially for people who have not been able to experience Minecraft.

Installation, mods and more at: http://www.foresightlinux.se/wiki-en/index.php?title=Minetest


For now, only fl:2-devel label can play the game. As it needs jthread and libvorbis from fl:2-devel label. So next push to fl:2-qa label, it will work for anyone with Foresight to play it.

We also added sound as default, will make the game more fun.

Minetest game




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