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Unlock Samsung Galaxy S3 unlocked GT-I9300 For Free with apps or apk

Unlock Samsung Galaxy s3 unlocked  to be able to use any carrier in your cell phone.

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S3

Unlock Samsung Galaxy S3

Many phone carrier companies locks their phones to only be able to use their simcard. And there is many ways to unlock it and use any carrier in your phone. Like changing from Tele2, Tre, Telia, Telenor, sprint or similar.


Unlock carrier through Apps, apk files

The first app you should try to use is GalaxySim Unlock. Your phone need to be rooted first and have busybox installed. Many users forget about busybox and it’s almost useless without it.

The second app is Galaxy S III SIM Unlock. That app also demands that you have a rooted phone.

The third way is to use the app Unlock your Galaxy S3. When going through the process to buy a code, you cancel when you should fill in how to pay for it. After awhile you get a message inside the unfinished order in the app and on mail. There is some information how to win a free code to your phone.

So there is atelast 3 apps that you can use to samsung galaxy s3 unlocked for use with any carrier.

Upcoming Foresight Linux 3 information

It’s been quite from us with information about Foresight Linux 3 and what’s happening. Iv’e been collected some information to give you some insight what’s going on.

Fedora respin?

First of all, we are importing the whole fedora repository for Foresight Linux. That means you will be using conary as package manager instead of yum. We are using a tool called mirrorball.

You will get the features from conary instead from yum. It means you will get a rolling linux dist with able to rollback your system, if something goes wrong from a update. I won’t write everything that differs from conary and yum.

Conary is pretty strict when it comes to dependency resolution. We already found packaging issues of fedora20 just by importing and rebuilding it with conary.


System-model. A file that will keep track of what your system has installed or deleted. That will make it very easy to remember all kinds of packages you have installed during the years of running your Foresight Linux OS.

Of course there are other benefits to use conary instead of yum, but we leave that information for now.

We will also be able to change default applications, so it might not even look like a fedora from beginning.

What’s next?

We are currently creating groups from our repository, to be able to remake your Fedora os to Foresight Linux 3. We will also create other ways to get your system going.

If you want to read more about the import process and so on, please read our mailinglist for even more information.

Foresight Linux is not dead, just taking a break from social media and focus on upcoming Foresight Linux 3.

Our developer Mark wrote a blog post about this too. Read all about it here.

Vim mode Irssi – Foresight Linux

Vim mode Irssi

An Irssi script that provides vim-like keybindings for the input line.

The script allows you to toggle between INSERTCOMMAND and EX modes.

Another useful feature is the mode indicator, best used in conjunction with uberprompt.

From the README, the following common keybindings are supported:

  • Command mode: Esc <Ctrl-C>
  • Cursor motion: h l 0 ^ $ <Space> <BS> f t F T
  • History motion: j k gg G gg
  • Cursor word motion: w b ge e W gE B E
  • Word objects: aw aW
  • Yank and paste: C<y p P>
  • Change and delete: c d
  • Delete at cursor: x X
  • Replace at cursor: r
  • Insert mode: i a I A
  • Switch case: ~
  • Repeat change: .
  • Repeat: ftFT: ; ,
  • Registers: "a-"z "" "0 "* "+ "_
  • Line-wise shortcuts: dd cc yy
  • Shortcuts: s S C D
  • Scroll the scrollback buffer: Ctrl-E Ctrl-D Ctrl-Y Ctrl-U Ctrl-F Ctrl-B
  • Switch to last active window: Ctrl-6/Ctrl-^
  • Switch split windows: <Ctrl-W j Ctrl-W k>
  • Undo/Redo: u Ctrl-R

Get the script at: Writing for hackers

Just recently heard of – a pastebin services that converts markdown formatted files from into HTML.

Useful for those times you want to quickly share info that’s off-topic to your blog and to an audience of non manpage readers. Why markdown? It’s prettier than plain text and syntactically much simpler than html. GitHub users should like this.

Also: images

You can embed images in posts too, and they’ll respect the width of your browser.

bash copy file

bash copy file – almost every file

bash copy file – almost every file

I found an interesting trick in bash today that may help a few other folks as well. Occasionally I find that need to copy almost every file in a directory, except for one or two. Usually I’d copy everything and then delete the stragglers I didn’t want from the destination directory. There had to be a better way, but as I said I’m lazy. Turns out I found the better way today.

bash copy file

bash copy file

[tforsman@localhost ~]$ cp -r !(file_to_ignore)  /destination/

This little trick gets a bit better. Bash is slick enough to understand ‘or’ in this context. So I can also ignore multiple files if I need to

[tforsman@localhost ~]$ cp -r !(file_to_ignore| this-one-too)  /destination/

Hopefully someone else finds this helpful as well.

If you get a error like:

bash: !: event not found

Then  extglob is off. To turn it on:

[tforsman@localhost ~]$ shopt -s extglob

to enable extended pattern matching and then you can do a cp !(whatever) . and it will work. Good way to bash copy file.


Nautilus script gnome2 – Foresight Linux

Nautilus script gnome2 is an executable shell script that is placed in a special scripts directory so that the Nautilus graphical shell can find it. This allows you to extend the functionality of the file browser to do just about anything.

Scripts are invoked by selecting a file or group of files, and right-clicking with the mouse, to bring up a context menu. One of the options in this menu is the ‘Scripts‘ submenu, which allows you to select a script to invoke on the selected files.

Note: The submenu ‘Scripts’ only appears once you have at least one script in the scripts directory.

For a script to be found by Nautilus it needs to be located in your scripts directory (~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts). This folder is located in your home folder but is hidden by default. To view hidden files and folders in Nautilus press Ctrl+H, or use the terminal to navigate to the folder:

cd ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts

Note: Once you place a script in your scripts directory, it’s name will not necessarily appear in the scripts menu immediately. You might have to visit the scripts directory with Nautilus – which can be done using the last option in the scripts menu. Once the directory is visited, Nautilus will know about which scripts you have, and you will be able to use them.

For scripts to be usable they need to be marked as executable. To make a script executable either right-click a script and select‘Properties → Permissions → Allow executing file as program‘ or use the following command in the terminal:

chmod +x name-of-script


External links to Natuilus script gnome2 - Information about Nautilus scripts - Collection Nautilus scripts


Blog stats 2012 and 2013

Stats 2012

This blog had 35,000 views in 2012

The busiest day of the year was December 19th with 427 views.


Stats 2013

This blog was viewed about 99,000 times in 2013.

The busiest day of the year was August 18th with 677 views.



I’m very happy that we managed to get so many users to visit our site. This stats doesn’t show visitors to wiki page though.

Screw you mediawiki – crashed wiki

Our wiki has faced some difficulties in past few days.

So I added few hours to try to restore the wiki page. First few hours, it went down the drain. Had no idea how to restore it. So was almost time to dig a grave and bury the wiki page for ever.

The main issue?

It all started from the time I updated mediawiki to 1.22.0

First view, it was accessable but coulden’t login to my account. So started to investigate after awhile, and even contacted my storage provider where I updated mediawiki from. They confirmed that something is wrong with version 1.22.0

I even installed more test mediawiki to make sure even a clean install didn’t work. And that was the case, that didn’t work as it should.



We confirmed this version doesn’t work as it should. Time to restore a previous backup.

Ohh crap, almost a year old. Damn, loose a whole year of the work in wiki. This I can’t accept. I did manage to browse wiki without login, so I managed to get to the special page where I can Export and Import pages. YES!!

I managed to grab all pages from the wiki. Now I started to restore from a previous version. It worked fine, so I started to think it might work this time if I again try to update to latest version. Offcourse not, somehow I managed to delete the whole mysql database too. Now I might be screwed. But no, my backups had mysql backups too. So created database with same name and user, managed to restore again to older version.

Now I can access wiki, but it’s got old menus and fresh installation main page. Imported all pages I managed to grab from wiki before, and managed to restore main page. All other pages was updated too.

Woohoo, now it looks like it should, almost. We do miss some pictures that I will manually add within few days.

While i’m at it, I updated our wiki link to:

But also made sure our older wiki links still works. But I recommend to change your bookmark to that link instead.

If you created an account past year, you might need to create a new one to be able to edit pages and create pages. I hope it isn’t a big issue for you to do that.

I also love you guys that have given my a hand on the wiki and helped me with filling few pages in it. Appriciated alot. You are the guys that makes me going and try as hard as I can to get things going. If I knew no one cared, I might just ignored wiki and let it be. But too many users love the wiki and use it alot and want the ability to search for solutions and so on.

Let’s make 2014 the best year for Foresight Linux

WordPress seo plugin – optimize blogging

WordPress seo plugin

Here is some WordPress seo plugin that might be interest for your blog.

Iv’e been tested many different seo plugins for wordpress and many of them are doing a great job. Some of them is better than others.

Here are a few that Iv’e been tested and recommend for you.

SEO Ultimate

gives you control over title tags, noindex, meta tags, Open Graph, slugs, canonical, autolinks, 404 errors, rich snippets. It’s free and you can download it from the page above. It doesn’t give you ideas how to improve your writing on the articles though.

wordpress seo plugin

wordpress seo plugin


WordPress SEO by Yoast

While this WordPress SEO plugin goes the extra mile to take care of all the technical optimization, more on that below, it first and foremost helps you write better content. WordPress SEO forces you to choose a focus keyword when you’re writing your articles, and then makes sure you use that focus keyword everywhere.

One of the most popoular SEO plugin for wordpress. The one I recommend, if you don’t want to pay anything for getting your blog more popoular.



All in One SEO Pack

The one I recommend, if you plan to use additional tools with it. Like with SeoPressor or Squirrly.

Optimizes your WordPress blog for Search Engines (Search Engine Optimization).

It doesn’t have same features as seo by yoast, but it works fine and specially the pro version.



Over-Optimization Check: Tells user if they a™re optimized or over-optimized (from the score)

On-Page SEO: Real-time evaluation and recommendations to improve site content for SEO.  LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Analysis: Relates keywords together by extracting information from texts and associating them using semantic algorithms. Automatic and Intelligent Internal and External Linking: All the keywords on your site will be better-linked in terms of relevance and site navigation.


Too bad it calculates density key words all wrong !!!


This is my key phrase in ten words of text.

What’s the keyword density in this sentence? I think you can clearly see it’s 50%, right?

But by counting the phrase as just a single word, SEOPressor, SEO Beast and ClickBump SEO! will all tell you it’s only 10%!


Easy WP SEO Plugin

Didn’t add much time with this plugin, it’s starting to get old and reported bugs haven’t been resolved against the customers. So I do not recommend this one at the moment. WordPress will work fine without it.



The most powerful and active developed seo tool out there today. It have almost everything you need to optimize your blog posts or pages in your wordpress.

The only seo plugin that really helps you to understand and help you to solve the issues you might have with your wordpress site. You also get Weekly SEO Audit by Squirrly

That will give you very useful hints what you need to do to get more traffic and so on for your site. Squirrly also recommend to be run with all in one seo pack or wordpress seo by yoast. Those two can be easily run with squirrly without any issues at all.



I recommend All in one seo with squirrly. Squirrly costs a small amount of money every month, but worth the whole penny if you want to increase traffic and optimize your blogging. For those who doesn’t want to pay money, you can optimize 3 posts every month for free. Also different ways to “earn” days to get a pro account for a limited time.

I used to like seopressor. After some deeper testing with it, it seems it doesn’t calculate some settings right. Mentioned it above.

Today I use squirrly with all in one seo. That covers probably everything.