Add blocklist for Transmission torrent client

Add blocklist for Transmission torrent client


Few updates ago, transmission removed blocklist from their application. So now users need to add a own address to get back transmission blocklist again.

So just add this address and you are using same as you did before. As transmission used same file, but it was located on their server instead.



What will it block?

Companies or organizations who are clearly involved with trying to stop filesharing.
Companies which anti-p2p activity has been seen from.
Companies that produce or have a strong financial interest in copyrighted material.
Government ranges or companies that have a strong financial interest in doing work for governments.
Legal industry ranges.
IPs or ranges of ISPs from which anti-p2p activity has been observed.


Get Link/url here

Go to this page and you will get to the page where blocklist url/link is located:

226520 rules will now be blocked.

This one will automatically update from time to time. So you do not need to re-add it again.

transmission blocklist


Blocklist for Qbittorrent

This would work in Deluge and maybe in other torrent clients, but it won’t work in QBittorrent client. That’s why I have created a own page how to get ip filtering to work in qbittorrent. Read about that here: Add blocklist for Qbittorrent


transmission blocklist

With this list, you will able to get more secure to download various files from different torrent trackers.


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  • veggen

    Nice post. Thanks!

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  • Apache-42



    The requested resource

    is no longer available on this server and there is no forwarding address.
    Please remove all references to this resource.

    Also, the site sais „This service is for Premium Subscribers only. Please Log In to access this page.“

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