Foresight Linux

Where it all begins

An OS for your computer/laptop. And here is some info about Foresight Linux:

Foresight Linux LXDE
Foresight Linux

Rolling updates
Rollback feature (Offline rollback feature)
Conary as package manager (Conary manual)
Standalone, not based on any other Linux dist
Easy to create own packages and maintain packagers
Gnome 2, Lxde, E17 or Xfce environment
i686 or x86-64 packages are available



  • Rollback feature
  • Repair files, like config files
  • Install only runtime, libs or devel files from packages
  • Remove uneeded files from packages, even updates won’t install removed files
  • System-model makes easier to see what you installed from beginning of using Foresight
  • Conary removes uneeded dependencies on it’s own
  • Only downloads/installs changed files, saves bandwidth


Currently we have official packages optimized for the i686 and x86-64 architectures. We complement our official package sets with a community-operated package repository that grows in size and quality each and every day.

Where it all begins